April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month - A Must See Video Released by Sentry Insurance

From You Tube post:

"At any one moment, approximately 660,000 drivers across America are using cell phones while driving.

In conjunction with the National Safety Council's Distracted Driving Awareness Month this April, Sentry Insurance has released a video, "It Starts with You: Zero Tolerance for Distracted Driving." The video features Justin Iburg of Mitchell, South Dakota, and his personal experience with cell phone use while driving that led to a fatal car accident that took the life of his neighbor.Distracted driving, particularly from cell phone use, has become a leading cause of traffic accidents and is reported in more than 18 percent of distracted driving fatalities. Shifting attention from driving, even for a few seconds, can have tragic results. Iburg's story serves as a warning to all drivers. "I hope people learn from my mistake," said Iburg. "All it takes is just that one time to change your life and the lives of others forever."

"The chances of a life-changing accident increase each time you allow yourself to drive distracted," said Dan Grant, safety services manager at Sentry Insurance. "Drivers can't fall victim to the mindset that an accident can't happen to them. Accidents resulting from distracted driving can and do happen to thousands of drivers every year." Sentry Insurance, we encourage everyone to take a zero tolerance stance on distracted driving and hope this video will increase awareness of this important issue that affects everyone on the road.""

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